The Mission

For this CTF, we wanted to do something different.


Alongside the classic, grab-bag assortment of Jeopardy challenges that are always available from the start of the CTF, we wanted to include a bit more of a "Hackquest" game inside the game.

So in addition to the usual Jeopardy challenges, there is also a storyline-based component that we affectionately refer to as "The Mission."

For "The Mission," you will perform a simulated penetration test and look for vulnerabilities against a company named CONSTELLATIONS. You will gather open source intelligence surrounding the company and its employees, gain an initial foothold within their network, move laterally throughout the environment and uncover new secrets all along the way.

As you progress through the story and learn more about the peculiar CONSTELLATIONS, new challenges will "unlock" as you solve previous challenges. The story is "linear" in that all challenges will end up in the same destination, but "non-linear" in that different challenges might take you down a different path. Ultimately, your objective is still the same: solve as many challenges as you can!

To begin "The Mission", you can submit the flag you could find on this page within "The Mission" challenge on the game board. That will open the gates and unlock multiple challenges for you to start your reconaissance and begin to understand the CONSTELLATIONS.


Please note, your participation in "The Mission" serves as permission for us to share your e-mail address with our sponsors, for potential career opportunities and private invitations to vulnerability disclosure programs.